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This is a think tank about Nicaragua, including some of my favorite things to do in Nicaragua and some tips on exploring Nicaragua that I hope will help future visitors. If you're looking for a quick guide to what to do and not to do on a weekend in Managua, Nicaragua, this is it. Below you will find everything you need to know about the exit and entry to Nicaragua from the border to Penas Blancas, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

If you're uncomfortable with dirty Honduras and El Salvador, consider Nicaragua as a safer alternative. There are land crossings between Nicaragua and Honduras, including the crossing at Penas Blancas, Costa Rica, and the entrance to Managua, Nicaragua, from the Honduras border at the port of San Juan.

If you do go, we have some travel tips for Nicaragua that will help you get through a little more trouble - free of charge and less travel. If you want to travel to Nicaragua to find a safer alternative to Honduras, El Salvador or even Guatemala, you can travel around Nicaragua for free. Canadian citizens, but also Nicaraguan citizens, are subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The possibility of providing consular services is limited and if you are in Nicaragua and require advice not included in our travel advice, please contact us during your stay.

As with all foreign trips, you should check the State Department website for updated information on safe travel in Nicaragua. Travellers, whether single or female or not, should take precautions when going out at night, even if this is not the case only in Nicaragua or Central America. If you don't go to the nearest city or take part in protests, it may be more sensible to visit Nicaragua during the day when it is safer.

Although subjective, it is the landscape and nature of Nicaragua that make the country, the people and the culture extremely worth seeing.

You can also take the Ticabus bus that goes from San Jose to Managua and the rest of Central America. This is the best option if you want to forget your trip to Nicaragua without stress. If, like me, you are dependent on the Internet, you need a lot of patience to work on your travels.

If you decide to travel to Nicaragua with your family, there are some things you need first. I want to make sure you are good - with solid travel advice for Nicaragua and help you avoid falling victim. In our travel guide Travel & Leisure Nicaragua you will find the best hotels, restaurants and destinations to explore in this beautiful country. Managua has a few gay bars, and LGBTQIA travelers can check out this resource for more information about gay and lesbian travel in Nicaragua.

You can cross Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but not vice versa, and you cannot cross from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. We have all heard about the dangers of drug trafficking in Costa Rica and other parts of the country. Whether it is safe to live in Nicaragua or not, must be the reason why you are planning to move, right?

Generally speaking, Nicaragua is relatively safe for tourists, although crime has increased in recent years. Most people can still visit Nicaragua without being robbed, but they need to be more careful than usual. Nicaragua is no longer considered a tourist destination, which has led to a decline in tourism. In Central America, things are actually much slower, and Nicaragua sometimes seems to let time stand still.

What sometimes gets independent travelers into trouble is that they are just in Latin America and don't know which places to avoid. There are ways to travel to Nicaragua and elsewhere in Central America without even breaking the language barrier. Personally, I am fluent in Spanish, but when I learned Spanish fluently, my way of traveling in Nicaragua really changed. If you are not known for being a good traveler or just a bit of a newcomer to the region, there are many ways to travel and get around Nicaragua while overcoming language barriers.

What makes you think this is the best time to visit Nicaragua if you have the luxury of being flexible with your time? If the good options are available within the time frame you choose, you should consider a trip to Belize, Costa Rica or the Amazon, but Nicaragua is 10x more beautiful and would be a much better choice for a long-term trip.

Note: If you want to travel the country by car, you should do so in Managua or Granada, but in many cities, such as Masaya, there are no car rental agencies and the locals will cover long distances on foot if they can avoid them. Managsua is the nation's transportation hub and is often used as the first stop for visitors arriving by plane, so if you're traveling to Nicaragua, you should definitely stop by, even if you're just taking the bus or plane. There are many decent walks in and around the city center and along the lakesides of Puerto Salvador and Allende, which the government has been revitalizing with great speed since the 1972 earthquake, when downtown Managua was in the midst of it.

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More About Managua