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Our Nicaragua travel guide shows you how to travel on a budget, save money and make the most of your trip. There are expensive and good Nicaragua packages that last 14 days, or trips that combine Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We visited some of the best tourist spots in Managua and decided to do an amazing tour organized by Servitours Travel Nicaragua.

If you are looking for good food and goods, you should plan a visit to the Trade National Park during your vacation in Managua. This well-stocked supermarket chain in the heart of the city sells both local and imported food, including organic produce, for picnics or self-catering. If you want to taste typical Nicaraguan street food, you will enjoy the taste buds of the Trade National Park. There are also some of Nicaragua's best restaurants with great prices and a great selection of local food.

If plants and trees fascinate you, you should definitely visit the National Arboretum of Juan Bautista Salas during your excursion to Managua. Long before you experience the wilderness on a trip to ManAGua, plan an excursion to the nature reserve of the Tiscapa Lagoon. Multi-day tours that really immerse you in the wilderness, swim in the waterfalls and get to know the indigenous communities of Mayangna and Miskito are highly recommended.

The view of the city is excellent from here and extends from Lake Nicaragua to the distant volcanoes. Enjoy the friendly staff at the bar serving fresh fruit shakes in Catarina, and the view over the lagoon and Mombacho Volcano. The view from this city extends north towards Lake and the distant volcano of Nicaragua, so enjoy one of the best viewpoints in Nicaragua.

If you are looking for a lively place to hang out with friends and full of music, you should visit Ros Kon Rolas during your stay in Managua. Be sure to visit Salvador Allende's Parque Acuatico on your trip to ManAGua, as the children are looking for fun in the water.

South of the Malecon is the statue of Pope John Paul II and the central obelisk, which recalls his visit to Managua. Find a well-stocked supermarket with a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables for your shopping. Bebe, where you will find a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods to offer you a healthy diet as well as some of the best food in the country.

If you are in Managua, visit the Roberto Huembes market, where you can find a wide range of handicrafts from all over the country. In the suburbs of the city there are other large markets, such as Israel Lewites (also known as the Boers), from where you can take the express bus to the nearby city of Granada. Otherwise, the operator Leon Grant can help you and try some of the best restaurants, shops and hotels in the area, as well as a host of restaurants and bars. There are shuttles that take travelers directly to hostels in major Nicaragua cities, or air-conditioned buses that connect you to Leon. Perhaps the most interesting and exciting way to travel is the chicken bus.

This closed market is a good shopping destination during the rainy season, but if you want a more comfortable and safe shopping environment, you need to consider the much safer Oriental market. Multicentro Las Americas Mall in Managua, and focus on the shopping center in the safer area.

As one of the largest markets in Central America, Oriental offers a wide range of products that can compete with almost any shopping destination. If you can't find anything on the oriental market, it's always available on other markets. Here you will find everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, clothing, accessories, electronics and even food and drink.

If you want to learn about the cultural aspects of Nicaragua, you should definitely visit the National Palace of Culture when you are in Managua. Nicaragua has a rich history that will familiarize you with the cultural side of the country. If you like to explore cultural attractions, you can also find tours that will allow you to visit various cultural attractions in the capital Nicaragua.

The ruins of the Cathedral of Santiago de Managua are to be visited as well as the National Palace of Culture and the Museo de los Muertos de Nicaragua.

Don't believe everything you've heard about crime in Nicaragua, this city is one of the safest in Central America. Nicaragua has the smallest economy in the region and does not have the same level of infrastructure as other countries like Costa Rica, but it remains the second largest economy in the country after the United States and the third largest in Latin America after Honduras and Guatemala. There are some dangerous places you shouldn't visit Nicaragua gains momentum as next Costa Ricans And it doesn't have as many crime problems as some of its neighbors.

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