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Located in Plaza San Martin, this modern hotel offers an outdoor pool, a spa and fitness centre in central Tegucigalpa, a 7-minute drive from Las Cascadas Mall. This elegant hotel offers a full-service restaurant, hotel rooms and a private pool with pool and spa. Here it is also just outside the centers in Teguca, but here too only 7 minutes away by car. It offers the best of both worlds: a great view of Guanajuato and the beautiful city of Raiti, and a beautiful view from your room.

This luxurious resort in the Pico Bonito National Park overlooks the forest with spectacular waterfalls and landscaped pools. Crowne Plaza Managua is located 12 km from Managsua Airport and features an outdoor swimming pool and a conference centre.

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The Managua NICARAGUA Marriage Hotel is located in the heart of Manila, the capital of Nicaragua and the second largest city in Central America.

The Plaza del Libertador is located in the heart of Manila, the capital of Managua, Nicaragua and the second largest city in Central America. The Hotel Plaza del General, located in the centre of the city, just a few hundred metres from the main street, is also located on the same street as the Hotel de la Paz.

The Real Intercontinental Tegucigalpa is an elegant hotel located in the business and entertainment district of Tegucigalpa, on the second floor of the Hotel de la Paz, just a few hundred meters from the main street.

We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended luxury hotels in the most expensive cities in the world. Raiti's luxury hotels, including the Real Intercontinental Tegucigalpa, Hotel de la Paz and many more, are listed below. A list of all hotels on Raihi is also available and all hotels included are rated with four or five stars.

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