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Over the years, I have visited Managua a few times, and most of the hotels are woefully out of date. There are some that don't look particularly nice, but they're not that bad either, especially those in the city center.

I thought a relatively new Hyatt Place would be a nice, outdated property for the brand, so I stayed in Managua. The hotel is well equipped and feels fresh, which is more than I can say for most of the hotels I stayed in. In addition, in terms of facilities, it feels more like a modern hotel than a traditional hotel, and that is more or less What I'm looking for. Although it's not exactly a luxury brand (it's not a full service brand), it feels fresh.

There is also a wide selection of fruits and cheeses that you won't find often at Hyatt Places. In the interest of full disclosure, OMAAT has awarded referral bonuses to anyone who is admitted through the links below. If you are interested in earning World Hyatt points through my World hyatt credit card, you can transfer your points to Ultimate Rewards.

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Guido Bauer, CEO of Green Globe, said: "The satisfaction rating for this hotel is 82, which is commendable and immediately identifies it as a winner among our members. This hotel has been central to the development of the city of Managua and its economy, and we are confident that Hyatt Place ManAGua will exceed our guests "expectations and provide them with everything they need during their visit to the area," said General Manager Rafael Correa.

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More About Managua