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The Best Western Las Mercedes Airport is the perfect stopover for passengers as the hotel is located just minutes from the airport and a short drive from the city center. Surrounded by nature and countryside, it is a perfect destination for the fun and exciting adventures that the city has to offer. This is one of the best hotels in the country where guests can make a quick detour from their hometown. From the lake to the colonial period, this hotel offers a long list of activities, with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels.

If you don't order anything, Hyatt Place Managua has room service that most of its hotels don't, but if you leave before that time, you won't miss it. The hotel also serves breakfast every morning from 7 to 10 am, with a variety of breakfast options available.

Enjoy international cuisine in the restaurant, where you can enjoy the view of the pool, make use of room service during limited times or overlook the garden on the terrace. Other amenities include a bar, fitness centre, spa, gym and gym. You can also use one of the many fitness centers at Hyatt Place Managua, including a gym, gym, pool, fitness center, yoga studio, sauna, massage room, hot tub and saunas.

If you wish to bring a dog or cat and want to know if pets are allowed at Best Western Las Mercedes Airport, please read the hotel's pet policies. Guests who want to spend a unique holiday should consider staying at the Western airport of Las Benzies for their unique holiday.

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The Hyatt Place Managua is a category 1 hotel, so it's an absolute steal with 5,000 points per night. If you are lucky enough to have earned some World of Hyatts points through our World HyATT credit card rating, you can transfer those points to Ultimate Rewards. The rate at Hy Hatt Place is the same as at any other hotel on this list, which is an absolute steal for 5,000 points per night! In my experience, it's pretty rare to have a real suite in a Hyatt location, but it was nice to proactively get one. Although most of our hotels do not have suites, this was the first time I have been given a suite in ahyatt - Place.

Overall, I found the room fantastic, it felt fresh and modern and I have never had a suite in a Hyatt Place. In addition, the hotel feels more like a hotel in terms of amenities than any other hotel in Managua, Nicaragua or anywhere else in the world.

The hotel has a decent restaurant and as usual, all kinds of snacks and drinks are provided for your Hyatt Place purchase. There are also fruits and cheeses that are not often found in Hyatt's Places, such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, bananas and mangoes.

The hotel is well appointed and feels fresh, which is more than I can say for Hyatt's Place, which is not exactly a luxury brand, but it is not a full service brand in general. We arrived at 9 p.m., had a short overnight stay and were back at the airport, so we returned to Managua to travel to Calala (see here for our review of Calila Island). It was quick that we stayed in ManAGua and we thought that a fairly new Hyatts Place would be a nice, outdated property for the brand, and that was it. The hotel felt fresh when we returned to the city and the hotel was well equipped. After a few days we had to return to Hyatt Place Managsua to spend another stay, this time for a two-night stay (arrival around 9 p.m.) and a three-day stay.

This would also allow us to choose an easy, elitist night to requalify our globalist status, but we did not.

The Best Western Las Mercedes Airport is located in Managua, but Hyatt Place is busy, so we came here just to sleep. Fortunately, traffic is avoided in both directions and the hotel is only a few minutes from the airport and a short walk from the city centre. We will review our experience with the return flight to this hotel and our overall experience at the Best Western in the next few days.

It has a beautiful setting that makes it charmingly unique, and there are some restaurants in the area that look nicer than usual at Hyatt Place. We got into our room and walked through the hotel, which did not look very nice, but from the balcony you had a nice view of the city center and the airport.

The front desk staff thanked us for our membership and advised us to go to a suite, even though it only had one bed. We booked a car instead of a Viator, which cost us $20 both ways, but it allowed us to avoid the unreliability that usually comes with being picked up in the early hours of the morning. The living area has a large living room with a large L-shaped couch and a small kitchen. Note that the bedroom is located in a separate room next to the living room, it has a bed, a bathroom, a shower and an open kitchen, as well as a private dining area.

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