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If you are heading to San Juan Sur for a little surfing holiday, Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa is the place for you. The Palermo Hotel & Resort is a great option if you don't have your beach nearby or if you want to surf in San John Sur.

The Hotel El Convento is located just 5 minutes walk from the city centre and provides a comfortable retreat if you are just visiting this city. You can also enjoy a quick lunch in the hotel restaurant or enjoy a magnificent view of San Juan Sur.

You also have access to a swimming pool where you can swim after a long day of exploring Leon, as well as great views of the city center.

The Aqua Wellness Resort is ideal for a quiet holiday, whether you are looking for beach yoga, meditation or wellness treatments. If you want to explore the boundaries of Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa, you can relax in the Mukul Spa. There are a variety of exciting activities, from hiking and biking through the forest to kayaking and fishing, just about any activity can be found here, with most of the Nicaraguan coast fully booked for your time.

Located on the emerald coast, this famous resort will delight you with a range of activities to enrich your stay. Add to that the fact that from the hotel you can admire the Mombacho Volcano, you can enjoy the simplicity of life and spend more time appreciating the beautiful island. The Hotel Dario is truly the epitome of Granada, with 14 rooms decorated in traditional Nicaraguan style. With private balconies overlooking the garden in front of your room, you will get a true taste of Nicaragua.

As interest in Nicaragua grows, you should expect new luxury properties to appear, joining the list of hotels available to those from abroad for their holidays or vacations. The Central American country has made great strides in improving its quality of life over the past decade. It is also classified as one of the ten most beautiful countries in the world for travel and tourism.

Rooms at Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa are elegantly and rustically furnished with tiled floors. The hotel's elaborate marble floors and elegant marble fireplace give it an aristocratic and palatial atmosphere.

Architecturally stunning and with great attention to detail, this ecolodge has no telephone, internet or air conditioning. This beautiful and well located colonial house has been restored with original ironwork and hand-hung taps - painted sinks depicting old fashioned street scenes. Need a hot shower, hot water or even a shower in the middle of the night?

It embodies the colonial nature of the city and seamlessly combines tradition with modernity, giving you a taste of the historic Nicaraguan lifestyle and a carefree few days. The hotel offers tours, excursions and bird watching expeditions and is considered one of Nicaragua's most popular bird watching tourist destinations. If you want to donate to explore the whole country, this resort serves as your own, but if you plan to visit a part of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras or even the Dominican Republic, there are a lot of fantastic hotels and resorts available.

Hilton InterContinental includes hotels in Managua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The all-inclusive resort is operated by Hilton International, a joint venture between Hilton Hotels International and Hilton Worldwide. The other joint venture hotels are located in Chicago, New York and San Diego (except the hotel). In addition to the Hilton Intercontinental, which includes a Hard Rock condo on the SanDiego property, there are also a handful of locally owned hotels in ManAGua that do their best to be stylish boutique hotels.

DoubleTree Hilton Managua offers fine dining, shopping and local attractions, including a full-service spa, fitness center, spa and fitness center and restaurant. For meetings and events, it has a rooftop pool, private beach, outdoor pool and pool bar, as well as a restaurant and bar.

The on-site restaurant serves a range of local dishes if you want to get a taste of Nicaraguan cuisine. Nearby, Fritanga Dona Pilar serves fresh grilled meat for $3, and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Cafe Myrna on the corner, as well as a full-service bar.

This allows you to move around completely free of charge and with access to all the hotel amenities, including a gym, fitness center, pool and fitness center, and an outdoor pool.

If you're a serial offender, however, you may have to fly to Big Corn Island and spend a night there before booking a flight home. Aside from Mukul, visitors expecting the same quality of accommodation as those offered by Mexico and Costa Rica will probably be disappointed. Nicaragua is still an emerging destination and may not yet be suitable for tourists who need a high level of comfort, convenience and low cost. La Perla has set a new standard for accommodation in Nicaragua, with a palatial interior that includes a private pool, gym, fitness centre, pool and gym, as well as an outdoor pool.

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